Vital if you want to pass your Cisco CCNA exam.


If you need to configure static NAT on a Cisco router then this video will help you:

Press Release from Cisco:

Cisco and Pearson VUE Launch Global Test Delivery Exam Security Enhancements

Cisco and its global testing provider, Pearson VUE, a business of Pearson Inc. are pleased to announce a series of security enhancements that will reinforce the integrity and value of its Career certification program.

The advanced security enhancements include the use of digital photographs for candidate-identity verification and forensic analysis of testing data. The new measures, to be implemented beginning on Aug. 1, will include:

  • Photo on Score Report and Web – On completion of a certification exam at the test center, candidates will receive preliminary score reports imprinted with their photos and unique authentication codes. The authentication code can be used to access a candidate’s official score online at Pearson VUE’s website usually within 72 hours of the examination. The online score report will also display the candidate’s photo. Candidates may share access to their online records with employers or other third parties.
  • Forensic Analysis – Exam results and other testing data will be continuously analyzed by forensic software to detect aberrant testing behavior and to flag suspect exams for further investigation.
  • Preliminary Score Report – All paper score reports will be preliminary, pending the results of forensic analysis, until official exam scores are posted to the Web usually within 72 hours of exam completion. Once the exam scores are official, candidates may use the authentication codes on their score reports to access the Pearson VUE website for score and photo verification.

These new exam security measures are part of Cisco’s overall strategy to protect the value and integrity of its certifications. Other measures include simulation-based testing, dynamically generated questions and emulations to help ensure that Cisco certified networking professionals continue to have the knowledge, skills, and credentials to perform well on the job.

To find out more about Cisco Career Certifications access the Cisco Learning Network at

To sign up for a Cisco exam at a VUE testing center go to

10 Cisco CCNA Study Resources You Can’t Live Without

If you are taking your Cisco CCNA or CCENT exams you have your work cut out.
Cisco have ensured the value of the certification by making it progressively
harder every year. Now you not only have to understand routing and IP addressing
but security device manager, wireless networking and network security. You will
also be expected to configure routers and switches in a reasonably short amount
of time.

Here is a list of resources which will make life a lot easier for you. Many
are free and will ensure you walk into the exam room confident you will pass.

1. GNS 3

Probably the most useful tool ever to be invented. GNS 3 uses a package
called Dynamips which is a router emulator (not a simulator). You can use GNS3
to create a network of Cisco routers and switches and then (providing you have
your own IOS image) you can then configure that network as if it were a set of
live devices.

Click on the logo to visit the GNS3 site.
You can configure your own network with GNS3.

Image copyright GNS3.

2. Cisco Certification Support

Cisco have a dedicated certification support site featuring tools, videos,
discussions and more. Membership is free so you are missing out if you don’t
sign up right away.

Cisco Certification Support Page.

3. YouTube

Jam packed with some great study resources, lectures and lab demonstrations.
You will get a huge amount of benefit from watching some of the free CCNA videos
posted on YouTube.

Click on the above screenshot to view YouTube CCNA videos.

4. Subnetting Secrets

Subnetting seems to be one of those areas many CCNA students struggle with.
The good news is that there are people out there who can explain it in easy to
understand steps. There is a free 7 part course on
subnetting at the below site.

Click on the graphic to visit Subnetting Secrets.

5. Chris Bryant

Chris is a CCIE and has created some great study resources for budding Cisco
CCNA and CCNP students. Many of his resources are free.

6. Subnetting Question Generator

Once you learn how to subnet you will want to put your skills to use. Rather
than write out your own subnetting questions you can use the free subnetting
tool which will generate the questions for you and then give you the answer.

Free Subnetting Tools

7. Free CCNA Questions

It is one thing knowing the theory but can you answer questions about what
you have learned. Here is a free CCNA and CCENT question of the day facility you
will really benefit from. Every day for 60 days you will receive a questions and
answer into your inbox.

Free Cisco CCNA Questions

8. Free Downloadable CCNA Exam

Taking time to go through exam simulators is a crucial element of your CCNA
exam preparation. Here is a downloadable free CCNA practise exam for you to use.
Do not attempt the real exam until you are getting over 95% in practise exams.

Free CCNA Exam.

9. How to Pass Your CCNA Book

When you know how to set goals, motivate yourself and deal with the
challenges which will arise as you pursue your Cisco qualifications you will be
in a far better position. The How to Pass Your CCNA e-book will equip you with
the tools and strategies you need to organize yourself and gain an advantage
over others who dont’ understand how important goal setting can be.

How to Pass Your Cisco CCNA

10. Live Cisco Racks

Hands on experience is an absolute must if you want to pass your CCNA exam
and be able to carry out the role of a network engineer. The only live CCNA rack
which features all the routers and switches you need to pass your CCNA exam is
hosted at

Live Cisco CCNA Rack.

Welcome to my Cisco CCNA blog. I hope you will find it very useful towards your Cisco CCNA success.

Here is a video showing you how to configure VLANS on a Cisco 2950.

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